Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunshine On My Shoulders

While watching a taped concert of John Denver for the third time on WXXI, I was feeling rather nostalgic. I loved his music. I have several of his albums.I play them in the car and in my writing den. So I was wondering about his plane crash. I did a little research on the Internet. I discovered that God really wanted John with Him in Heaven because John was a rather experienced pilot. Research on the accident strongly suggests that John's hand hit the wrong button and he went into a dive on taking off that he could not correct.

John Denver was an amazing singer and performer. There are many singers, artists, and writers that strive to be like John: amazing and entertaining. And we are all trying to communicate the same thing, just like he is quoted as saying:

“My purpose in performing is to communicate the joy I experience in living.”

Knowing our purpose in life makes for a poetic life one way or another.