Sunday, August 7, 2011

Honorable Mention: Rochester Auditorium Theatre

Honorable Mention
The Theater
by Rebecca, age 12


The Auditorium Theater is the place to go
When you want to see an amazing show
When I was little I saw “Blue’s Clues” and “Bear”
Then I saw “Wicked” and “Lion King” there
My friends were a part of the “Wizard of Oz” cast
All who watched surely had a blast
“Lion King” was really great
I hope to see it again at a later date
“Wicked” is my favorite, I saw it three times
Sorry, I can’t think of any other good rhymes
My mom helps us get tickets really cheap
She makes sure we don’t go to shows sure to put us asleep
Next year we’ll see “Shrek” or “Billy Elliot”, either one would be great
Which one will we watch? I’ll just have to wait
On the third floor is MJT Stages, a small theatric endeavor
However, it’s a great place to see shows whenever
I’ve been to camp there for many years
It’s helped me overcome my acting fears
So that is the one of the greatest places around
You should head over there if you’re ever in town

Joe’s Commentary: The Auditorium Theatre certainly is a special place to visit. Rebecca has written a very convincing poem with perfect end rhymes. It makes me want to head to the Auditorium Theatre to have some thrilling experiences. Rebecca, thanks for sharing your poem with readers. Keep on writing poetry. This is a very good poem. Congratulations, Rebecca!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Honorable Mention: RMSC!


Honorable Mention


by Katherine Warth, age 11

Of all the subjects at my school,
I think science is totally cool!
There's only one place that I go,
when Science is what I want to know.
The Rochester Museum and Science Center,
starts the fun as soon as you enter.
From a Wooly Mammoth skeleton,
to gooey experiments with gelatin.
You never know what you might see,
because this museum is the place to be!
Great for all people; children, women, or men.
I just hope we can go again!
"RMSC," ©2011, Katherine Warth. All rights reserved.

(Joe’s Commentary: The Rochester Museum and 

Science Center! What a great place to write about, 

especially if you like science! And who isn’t captivated 

by sights of the Wooly Mammoth skeleton or gooey 

experiment with gelatin? Yes, this is the place to be for 

all ages. This is a very good poem. And I hope to see 

your poetry again in print, Katherine, Congratulations, 


Friday, August 5, 2011

Second Place Winner!


Second place

Wickham Farms

by Nathan Murray, age 10
Wickham Farms in Penfield is so close to us,
We can get there without a fuss.
I love your ice cream in a cone,
And picking a pumpkin you have grown.
In the corn maze I get lost,
Your chicken dinner is low cost.
On the jumping pillow I go up and down,
I never ever get a frown.
Animals, playground, tractor rides,
Batting cages, mini golf, then inside…
We look for the cute little mice,
And the people that work there are so nice.
Birthday parties, field trips from school,
On holidays you really rule.
There’s no doubt east or west,
Wickham Farms you are the best!
"Wickham Farms," ©2011, Nathan Murray. All rights reserved.

(Joe’s Commentary: I love the details in this poem. They create distinct images of fun to be had on a special farm from “picking pumpkins to “tractor rides.” I especially like the end rhymes which sound natural and unforced.  Then there’s the powerful use of personification near the end: “On holidays you really rule.” This is a marvelous poem written by ten-year-old Nathan Murray. Congratulations! Keep on writing poetry!)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And the Winner Is!

The Poetry Contest Winner for the One and Only
"Build Myself a Winning Poem in Rochester, NY"

July Poetry Winner:

Corbett's Glen                                                                                                                                         

Gates McMahon (age: 13)                                                                                            

Penfield, NY

Corbett's Glen                                                                                   

The world is twisted, broken, and polluted above...
But, through the tunnel
nature remains.

Crystal clear water
and verdant green trees beckon.

Through the tunnel
Through the tunnel

Water cascades down craggy rocks
And the songs of birds harmonize with the bubbling creek.

Through the tunnel 
Through the tunnel

Wooded pathways lead the way
through nature's private world

Serenity and peace await…

Through the tunnel

(Joe’s Commentary)
You don't have to look very far for a winning poem. This Monthly Winner, Gates McMahon, wrote a poem for this site and the poetry contest: “Build Myself a Winning Poem in Rochester, NY.” Why did it win?

I picked "Corbett's Glen" as the winning poem because it gives me a feeling of peace and tranquility. I like all the word choices, especially "beckon," "craggy," "bubbling," and "crystal clear," and the alliteration in the poem such as "Water cascades down craggy rocks..." 

I was drawn right into the poem from the first verse on. And I did admit to the contest readers that I was partial to repetition. I do think that the repetition of "Through the tunnel" works in this poem. It encourages me to walk through the tunnel and see the beauty of the rippling water. We have a small pond in the back of our house, and this poem gives me a feeling of hope and home. The poem is well-done. I don't usually get excited about nature poems, but this one seemed to hit the mark. And it's definitely about the Rochester area with its own story to tell.

I hope you enjoyed it.

In the next three days I will add the three Honorable Mentions.

A special thanks goes to Debra Ross for inspiring this particular contest and covering it in her weekly newsletter and website at