Friday, July 30, 2010

Acts of Random Rudeness

Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice,  but because you are.  ~Author Unknown

I decided to sit in my peaceful car and drink my flavored coffee in front of my favorite Hess Express. As I sat there, a very large man was in his car  with his family carefully eating chicken wings and dropping them out the window to the asphalt below.

I kept thinking, "How rude! Where did he grow up? What kind of an example is he for his family? Who does he think cleans up after him? How beastly!"

I tried to muster up the courage to confront his actions. (Did I tell you he was a monster of a man?) I realized that if I said anything, he might pound me in the asphalt right next to the chicken bones. So, here I am writing about it for the choir. For sure, I bet you strive to live neat, pleasant lives and don't create paths of chicken bones along your journey. I am all for that.

At Hess or the Post Office I might be the guy holding the door for you as you rush to buy your coffee or mail your letter. The world needs a little more kindness and thoughtfulness.  I have some favorite clerks in the Post Office because they are cheerful and friendly, while doing a rather tiring job.  Nevertheless, my mailman isn't one of my favorite postal workers. If a workman is parked near my street mailbox, he writes a note and saves the mail for the next day, which seems to be more work than jumping out the truck, taking a few giant steps, and actually delivering the mail. 

Yesterday a neighbor was having a totally new driveway put in and there were a number of construction trucks parked next to the curb. Once again we didn't get any mail, as well as three other neighbors. Our mailman could have chosen to go for a short walk and deliver to all four houses, but he chose not to do so. Did he think that would build good will toward the Post Office?

I really don't understand it when others are unwilling to go out of there way to do the right thing, whether it be about chicken wings or delivering the mail.   


  1. I guess you had a bone to pick with him!

    I sympathize. I get worked up when I see people polluting the ground, the water, the air, or even the ears of those around them. And like you, I weigh the potential cost of saying or doing anything. Sigh.

  2. Good one about the chicken bones, Lee! Thanks for sharing.