Friday, December 3, 2010

Mystery Lady of Plattsburgh

During the November book festival I was invited to perform poetry in Plattsburgh, travel expenses paid and a fee, but I hate driving, and Ralph Hunkins, my favorite undergraduate professor no longer lives there. To see him, it might have been worth the trip and then performing poetry all day for a school district. My wife, Marilyn, said that I should have agreed to do it, even without me since she has back trouble.  When the teacher or administrator whispered in my ear while selling books at the festival table, I didn’t realize that she had seen my show in the Brighton Room. I am almost positive that she is the lady closest to the viewer in the next photo. (This was a very serious moment when I was reading about my car accident in Chicken Soup. We had serious moments and humorous moments during my poetry show.)

Who knows, the Mystery Lady may contact me again. I hope so! I really enjoyed entertaining the group. Next time opportunity knocks again for travel, I will answer the door. I’ve learned my lesson.  My family thought I was nuts to say no.  Like I said: I’ve learned my lesson.


  1. The picture is really great because my mom and I went to your poetry thing and my mom is in the picture!!! Is the Mystery Lady someone in the picture that my mom was? Love the picture!!!
    ~Natalie, age 10

  2. Is your mom wearing glasses in the photo or is she closest to the camera. I would be interested in visiting her school in May, if she was interested. I have a daughter and her family that live about an hour away. So, I could perform poetry and then visit my daughter's family. Please let me know. My email address is