Friday, November 5, 2010

2010 Rochester Children's Book Festival

 Tomorrow on Saturday, I will be at..

the Rochester Children's Book Festival, along with 40 other authors and illustrators.
We will be reading, conducting workshops, and signing autographs from:
10 am - 4 pm
All events are free!!!

Monroe Community College
Brighton Campus
1000 East Henrietta Road

I hope that you drop by!



  1. I went there and went to your Poetry thing!!! You are really great at writing poems! My mom's favorite poem is Bathroom Vacation!!! (mine too!)
    ~Natalie, age 10

  2. Natalie, thank you for sharing your comment. I appreciate it. If you live in the Rochester area and your teacher enjoys poetry, ask him or her to contact me by email (, and I will visit your classroom for free, just make sure he or she says, "I am Natalie's teacher."

  3. I actually don't live in Rochester! I live in Owego! And my mom is a teacher in Vestal! Thanks for writing back to me! I am in 5th grade!