Thursday, August 26, 2010

Optimizing Your Blog (Points 3-5)

In Jeff Bullas’ essay “50 Ways To Optimize Your Blog” here are points 3 to 5:   

3. Customers Pain Points – Write posts that provide solutions for your customers problems
4. Customers successes – Write up a case study about a client’s successful project.
5. What not to do – highlighting where something hasn’t worked (the names shall remain anonymous of course).

Point 3…I don’t write solutions to poetry problems on my blog. Sounds like a good idea, eh? If you want to sell something, you are supposed to tell how the product will really help the buyer. So that it certainly worth thing about.

On the other hand, my website, www., features a monthly poetry contest for kids. I encourage kids to send me samples of their best poetry. They might be the lucky winner. You never know. And in the “recipe” area I offer suggestions on how to write poetry. Some young poets might for that helpful.

Point 4…I haven’t invited other poets to be on my blog and have their say. That’s a good idea too.

Point 5…Highlighting something that doesn’t work? That hasn’t worked for me. LOL.

Okay, more points soon. Please tune in again for the next...  

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