Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do You Want to Write and Blog More?

Do you want to string together some effective blogs or poems? There's only one way to do it: Putt butt on chair, and do it. There's no magic potent or silver thread. I now have Jim Denney's essential habits of writing hanging right near my computer. Maybe it will inspire you too:

Seven Essential Habits of a Working Writer are:

  1. Write Daily
  2. Cultivate the Art of Solitude Amid Distractions
  3. Write Quickly and With Intensity
  4. Set Ambitious But Achievable Goals
  5. Focus!
  6. Finish What You Start and Submit What You Finish
  7. Believe You Can
Jim Denney
“In writing, habit seems to be a much stronger force than either willpower or inspiration.”~~John Steinbeck

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