Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Give That Elevator Speech!

“What book are you reading?”

What do you do when holding your latest copy of your book and you are asked the above? You give your elevator speech. You tell that person the most important things about your book, as fast as you can, before the elevator stops at the interested person’s floor.

You must speak quickly and carefully, explaining the value and benefit of your book to readers. You need to give them a reason to care, and to share your special qualifications for writing it.

What might I say about Waiting to See the Principal and Other Poems?

“Waiting to See the Principal and Other Poems is a book with almost 60 poems and sketches about home, school, parents, siblings, sports, pets, and wild things. The poems make kids want to chant the lines that are repeated, and to laugh out loud. Teachers and parents love the book because it encourages the joy of poetry and the creative process. It also makes a great gift of kids and teachers. I was a teacher for thirty-three years, and I know kids love funny poetry.”

Okay, now the elevator doors can open.

Of course, the elevator speech can be given anywhere when you’re pressed for time.

Good luck!

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